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Who we Are

The Origin

THE BOULDER MAN was borne on the side of a mountain, during a climb, while we were supporting each other through challenging terrain. This sparked the idea that men are confronted with many life challenges, some requiring full life transitions, such as separation, divorce, and other boulders that can leave them stuck, alone, and unable to move forward.

We draw on our own life experiences, and growth, to offer the value of support, process pain, foster growth, and equip men with the tools, skills, and resources they need to appreciate the climb, and confidently unleash their personal potential on the world.

Much like the challenges of scaling boulders and climbing mountains, a journey of self-awareness, healing and growth can be scaled easier with guidance and support.

Misty Mountains

The BOULDER Principles

Bravery Objectivity Understanding Love Discipline Empathy Resilience

The B.O.U.L.D.E.R. Path is our approach to discovering growth in each section of your life, whether this is a new aspiration, or brought about by a major life transition, such as separation, divorce, or job loss, or general satisfaction in other areas of your life.

The elements that we focus on, that are invariably intertwined, and affect our overall happiness and sense of purpose and fulfillment, are Physical, Emotional, Relationships, Professional, Financial, and Spiritual.

In each area that we define a need for a Boulder approach and a desire for growth, we can work with the guidance of these principles, to help you define your drive and set the tools in place for growth by offering the value of support and guidance.


Is a courageous behavioural state of both mental and physical embodiment; meaning that it's not just in our actions, but also in our decisions and the way that we think. Every man can transcend his own limitations by bravely facing his fears through his thoughts and actions, and trusting the path he is on. We can achieve this state of mental, physical and moral strength to face challenges, difficulties, and obstacles that stand in our path towards growth and transition.


Objectivity is a two-part principle in that we believe in the importance for men to have transitional objectives and goals built around their purpose to support them on their journey, and also that we approach situations from an objective position without judgmental inclination for our own thought. So objectively setting non-judgmental and non-comparative goals and achieving them by standing in your own integrity.


This principle delves deep into the importance of one's own unique self. The understanding of how you show up in the world and an uncovering of many of the answers already inside. It is where we conduct deep inner work to understand and make sense of the world according to how we see it and our place in it; the reality you have created, can create, and the beauty of the perfectly flawed man.


Love is the space for ultimate creation. Our most innate need is to love and be loved. It is where we find the purposeful connection to what we believe and connection to who we are and what we do.  That is why an integral part of being a Boulder Man is gaining the connection to your heart and finding your own fullness, something that no one can take away; something that is meant to shine.


Self Discipline is where you stand in integrity with the rules, boundaries and values you hold true, and where you set goals to achieve, to live your life with purpose. Men thrive when they are supported and encouraged to create a life of purpose and meaning, and where they implement goals and challenges that are rooted in their purpose, which pulls them in the direction of their passions. Discipline is both a combination of personal accountability and accountability through the men that support us through our struggles and celebrate us for achieving our goals.


Empathy is the garden of real connection and growth.  It is the ability to understand and share the feeling of another.  Empathy is how we connect with ourselves, and others. This is how we establish deep connections from which we grow. We are wired for empathy, love and compassion, and belonging. And when we approach ourselves, and others with empathy, we ground ourselves in our shared humanity.


Cultivating resilience is the dynamic process in which a skill is developed gradually using techniques that improve one's response to something bad or unwanted. Resilience means finding or meeting your edge and then building the confidence to supersede it. Resilience strengthens your resolve along the path of transition and builds your confidence to grow and experience life. It is where we learn to train hard, so we can fight easy.

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