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Man Cave

Every Man Belongs

What's it all about?

The BOULDER Man Cave is a safe place, but it is not a place to hide and avoid yourself

90% of men

indicate that they don’t agree with the way that masculinity is portrayed in society and instilled in their conditioning.

49% of men

feel more depressed and anxious than they will admit to their friends and family

Majority of men

in men's group report greater intimacy in relationships, a deeper understanding and love for themselves, and accomplish more of their personal goals.

How we connect to ourselves and our hearts, ripple into the space of our lives and relationships.


At the BOULDER Man Cave, we do this through men's group meetings, challenges, and open, honest conversations surrounding what it means to be a man. Guided by the BOULDER Principles of Bravery, Objectivity, Understanding, Love, Discipline, Empathy, and Building Resilience, this community supports men on their journey back to themselves.

This community was established to facilitate honest and vulnerable discussions in a supportive, safe space (Man Cave) so that men can be seen, felt, and heard. We support each other to move through pain, grow through shame and hold space for each other during the experience of growth and healing. It's a space where men can feel supported and celebrated on their journey towards a new, improved and balanced masculinity within themselves.


“The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for”

Joseph Campbell

This is a community of men devoted to:

Confronting the subconscious parts within ourselves that hold us back from realizing our own happiness, purpose, fulfillment in our relationships, life, love, work, and direction.

Standing in our own integrity to realize a greater sense of connection to ourselves, and others, and to diminish addictions, avoidance, and isolation.

Identifying, and healing from the wounds that subconsciously drives our lives and decisions.

Supporting, celebrating, and learning from each other while on our journeys.

HuMANize and normalize the adventure of being a man, so as not to deprive yourself of the full human experience and your part in it.


No Matter where you are in life, or which mountain you just summited, there's always another more daunting one to conquer.
Go together.

The benefits of becoming a BOULDER Man







There is a BOULDER Man, in every man

Join the Boulder Man cave

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