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Men's Tribe & Peer Network for Brotherhood, Connection, Healing & Growth


The BOULDER Network
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The BOULDER Network
The BOULDER Network
The BOULDER Network


Tribes, Gatherings & Support

Connect with Like-Minded Men in your area

Info & Topics supporting your Journey 

Info & Topics supporting your journey

The BOULDER Network is The BOULDER Man's Private Community, exclusively for members seeking Connection, Brotherhood, Accountability and Support in their lives. 

How can you access the network?

What topics can you get support on?

What do you get?

What is it?

Is it Facebook?

This is a Network of men devoted to:

Confronting the subconscious parts within ourselves that hold us back from realizing our own happiness, purpose, fulfillment in our relationships, life, love, work, and direction.

Standing in our own integrity to realize a greater sense of connection to ourselves, and others, and to diminish addictions, avoidance, and isolation.

Identifying, and healing from the wounds that subconsciously drives our lives and decisions.

Supporting, celebrating, and learning from each other while on our journeys.

HuMANize and normalize the adventure of being a man, so as not to deprive yourself of the full human experience and your part in it.

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