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Why should I join a Men's Group?

Oftentimes what we've learned in relationship to others, we can only unlearn in relationship to others. The BOULDER Man Cave provides an opportunity for you to huMANize/destigmatize your experience as a man, and realize that you are not alone. 

We share a space where men can connect, see each other, and bring our authenticity to the world to be witnessed.

Through the Man Cave, you also are required to set goals, which our 2 Men's Coaches, along with the group, will help you achieve.

I feel really stuck or lost and don't know how to approach this?

From time to time, we all experience various stages in our lives that can make us feel alone, stuck, lost, and not sure how to move ahead. 

When this happens, we need help. And holding on to a stoic, lone wolf mask, does not serve you anymore. 

It takes courage to reach out, but the reward is feeling less alone, and more aligned and supported in your life's purpose.

What can a Men's Coach do for me?

Both Matt and Jason have had a variety of diverse challenges in life. This is why we decided to make it out life's mission to support as many men as possible through their own after having experienced what that feels like and how beneficial that is to our own sense of wellbeing.

With Transformational Coaching, we'll support you to delve into the realms of the mind that may be unconscious to you and keeps you stuck, and also at the same time challenge your conditioning and beliefs so as to change the way you see yourself. 

Often, we need an objective outside perspective on our concerns and challenges to provide clarity and guidance - and that is what we love to do.

Have another question?

Send us your question through this link, and we'll be happy to connect and give you some more information.

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